Be Competitive on Facebook!

On September 12, I was an attendee of a social media online conference organized by the The summit was titled: “9 Facebook Marketing Success Stories and What you Need to Know.

First of all, it was my first time attending an online conference and I was quite in admiration with the technology! I was in my bedroom inside a country house in South of France connecting with hundreds of people on social media marketing. What a cool web-experience!

The conference was organized around 9 case studies of pro-active companies on Facebook. What I will remember of this one-hour talk, with Mari Smith and Michael Stelzner, is that Facebook is becoming a real marketing competition to get fans and their engagement. In fact, Facebook has become such a popular marketing tool for companies that fans are more solicited then ever. Therefore, it is necessary to be competitive. This conference gave us helpful tactics that I want to share with you.

1- To increase the fans network, you can:
– Create a welcome page that reveals only a part of the information that you can access only when you become a fan.
– Have a short description on the welcome page about why you should become a fan.
– A very interactive welcome tab.
– To have a strong visual on the wall page and play with the avatar and the photo strip banner.
– Use a “Share to a Friend” App.
– Cross social media platforms and websites.
– Give exclusivity to Facebook fans like exclusive coupons, news and contests.

2- To engage with fans, you can:
– Use powerful photos and videos.
– Get a Youtube tab on Facebook.
– Encourage fans to post their own videos or photos.
– Updates with questions, quotes or thoughts.
– Provide posting policies.
– Create events where people can meet in person.
– Add a review tab.
– Keep fans navigating as long as possible on facebook.
– Bring your blog and website to facebook.
– E-commerce on Facebook.
– Develop your own tab.

3- To create a culture on Facebook, you can:
– Go beyond the product to talk about something bigger than the product.
– Manually update posts that follow a certain philosophy.
– Communicate in a personal way.

To resume, one Facebook fan page should not look like another one. To be unique on Facebook, you should build a strong culture with interesting contents shared in a creative way. You can have a look at the slides with the 9 companies case studies to find some inspiration: 9FBcasestudies


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