Be the First to Get Facebook Timeline!

You probably heard about Facebook’s new features coming out soon, right?

The revolution is Facebook Timeline! A different design and a different way of looking at your “stories”. It gives you a better overwiew of what is going on in your Facebook life… Look at Facebook Timeline video and you will get a sense of what is soon to come.

Well, it could be scary because you are giving away more visible information, but it is quite exciting at the same time. I believe that the new features will give Facebook a new direction and reinforce the usage of Facebook as a platform to browse the “facebookweb”. The ones that will benefit the most from it are certainly companies that have understood from the beginning the power of Facebook as a marketing tool. It will help them enhace their communication strategy.

Well, if you want to be the first of your friends to have Facebook Timeline, IT IS POSSIBLE! Go check this website that gives the unoffical way to get Facebook Timeline. The only thing is that your friend can’t see your new Timeline design yet… But at least you can get use to it and play around with it and you will be ready for the official launch. As far as I am concerned, I am already playing with it!



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